We do not operate the traditional New Zealand model where we have a closed off, a centralized roastery that supplies our stores. Instead, we take a hands-on approach. Each full café has an onsite coffee roaster, meaning that the coffee that is brewed in each store, is roasted in that store, in full view of you.


Small batch roasting has many benefits. Our stores have cut a key middleman out, what ends up in the cup is higher quality and of course, the guest experience is truly authentic, from raw to roasted under one roof. What we are doing is not new. The European’s have been operating like this for years. We have simply implemented it here bringing a richer experience into our cafes.

The Blend

Our chosen house blend, a medium roast, the Cartel Boss, is made up of two beautiful coffees. Brazil Cerrado & Honduras La Flor. Rather than ‘pack’ a blend with twelve different coffees, we have simply chosen two beautiful rounded classics, both very different in personality and blended them.


Together the Brazil Cerrado and the Honduras La Flor complement each other beautifully. One is natural, one is washed, this results in a collision of sweet and bitter making for a juicy personality. Brazil holding soft sweet/fruit notes with the famous Brazilian overtone of ‘nut’ and Honduras holding heavy cocoa notes and acidity to die for, when put in the same cup we, have what we call: “ A unique, full and rounded personality suitable for Black & White Coffee”.