Cafe Franchise Opportunities

Black & White Coffee Cartel is a young and fresh team of enthusiastic café owners disrupting the coffee scene. We are NZ's first and only micro-roasting coffee franchise. Join our team and stand out from the crowd with our unique model.

"If someone was keen to join Black & White Coffee Cartel, I would say - go for it!  This has honestly been an amazing experience for me."


Stephanie Smith

Owner of BWCC Pt Chevalier

In our model we have combined the benefits of belonging to a franchise company with the main advantages of being an independent cafe... 

  • Being part of a franchise means you have BUYING POWER with all your suppliers and are able to buy products and services at a much lower rate;

  • We provide a TURNKEY SOLUTION, initial TRAINING and on-going SUPPORT, which means your store is operational from Day 1. You will receive training and comprehensive guidelines to be able to follow our systems, as well as continuous support to ensure that you are aligned and consistent with the rest of the group.

  • Most of the existing coffee franchises lack PERSONALITY. If you remove the logo from their stores and products, you cannot tell which chain you walked into. But if you enter into a Black & White Coffee Cartel, you certainly know you have done so. We are LOUD AND PROUD - every cafe is a blend of the brand's style and the personality of the store owners, who are passionate about what they do.

  • By roasting coffee on-site, you are not only putting back into your pocket the PROFIT that normally remains with the franchisor, but you are also providing your customers with FRESHER COFFEE and an authentic coffee experience - from roasting the green beans to serving the cup. The roasting machine also adds CHARM to each cafe and is an ENTERTAINMENT on its own to the customers.

  • Black & White Coffee Cartel is the FASTEST GROWING franchise in the country - we have opened 11 stores in the last three years and continue to receive multiple inquiries each week. With the brand in continuous expansion, the value of your store continues to grow. Despite the young age, there has been interest from other countries in the franchise, such as Australia, Singapore, Dubai and the UK.

  • Black & White is leading the NEW GENERATION of coffee franchises, the 'Third Wave', where coffee is treated as an artisanal food, like wine. This is a global trend already occurring in many European countries. By joining Black & White, you stay up to date with the market and with the customers' preferences.

  • We have COMPETITIVE initial and on-going franchise FEES, which means it is not only more affordable to enter but you are also rewarded for your hard work.

Current Opportunities
We accept nationwide applications - just let us know where you would like to have your own BWCC.
Current opportunities include:








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Frequently Asked Questions
What does your franchise offer?
- We provide a turnkey solution, which means your store is operational from Day 1. You will receive comprehensive training in all aspects (coffee roasting, barista training, kitchen, FOH, financials, general operations, etc.) of how to run your business.
How much does it cost to set up my store?
- The investment depends on a number of factors such as the site size and landlord contributions (if it is a new building). The average investment is $400k.
How can I finance the initial investment?
- If you do not have a bank in mind, we can connect you to one of our bank partners. Franchisees can normally finance up to 50% of their initial investment.
What is included in the turnkey solution?
- Store fit out, equipment (full kitchen - all food is prepared onsite), supplies, initial training and Franchise Manuals.
Do I need to have a location?
- Not necessarily. If you already have a location in mind, we will assess the suitability of it with you. If you don't, then we will work with you to find a potential location. Nationwide applications are being considered.
Do I need previous experience?
- No, previous experience is not required as we are confident in our comprehensive training. You will need a strong passion for coffee and a positive and hands-on attitude.

Thanks! Message sent.

Or contact our team directly:
Raphael Garcia
P: 021 223 1992